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Top 5 Small Home Improvement Ideas that Make a Big Difference

Top Five Small Home Improvement Ideas that Make a Big Difference

Is your home calling out for improvements, but you don’t know where to start?

To help you begin planning your home improvements, check out these cost-effective solutions that make a big difference without the expense and hassle of a major renovation.

Focusing your efforts gradually on a few projects every month will help keep your home in top condition for greater comfort, enjoyment, and resale value.

Our team at Pat Noble Lumber is ready to help you with your home improvement ideas. Drop by today!

Paint Your Way to a Refreshing New Look

Most interior designers agree that paint gives you the most ‘bang for your buck.’ Whether you do it yourself or hire a painter, it’s an economical way to transform your space. Paint quickly cleans up your walls and creates the fresh look you want inside and outside your home.

A few cans of good quality paint, some brushes, rollers, and a drop cloth are all you need. To get the best result, always clean and prepare your walls and other surfaces before you start.

Tip - Spend more on quality paint to get the best results. Choose neutral colours if you plan to sell your home.

Paint Ideas for the Kitchen and Bathroom

Make a big difference without the cost and inconvenience of renovating your entire kitchen. Paint your kitchen cabinets a new colour. It’s best to have kitchen cabinets professionally sprayed with a durable high gloss, oil-based acrylic paint to insure they will withstand moisture and resist chipping or peeling.

You can also give your cabinets new life by thoroughly cleaning them to remove grease and then repairing cracks and dents. Fill dents with wood filler and cover scratches with a wood marker. Sand lightly without removing the finish, then brush on a gel stain. Finally, seal with a protective varnish.

Bathroom Cabinets

Transform your bathroom by painting your vanity a fresh new colour. Brighten your bathroom walls with neutral shades of blue, green, and soft whites for a light and breezy feel. Choose paint designed for humid bathroom conditions.

Work on Your Curb Appeal


  • Trim overgrown bushes and remove low-hanging or dangerous tree branches, pick up fallen fruit, pull out weeds, and have your lawn maintained by a lawn technician or do it yourself.
  • Don’t forget to give your boulevard some TLC. A weedy boulevard can detract from your well-kept front lawn.
  • Plant perennials, bushes, and shade trees and spread mulch to retain moisture, nourish plants, and keep weeds at bay for more attractive garden beds.
  • Repair cracked or sunken pavers and pathway stones.

Curb Appeal Improvements Don’t Stop at Your Front Lawn!

  • Clean your porch and siding with a power washer.
  • Remove leaves and debris from eavestroughs.
  • Keep soffits and rain spouts in good repair and replace any damaged drain spouts.
  • Paint your front door a bright, welcoming red, yellow, or a crisp white or dramatic black. If your door is an original wood door, repair any dents and scratches with wood filler and stain, if needed, for a uniform finish.
  • Paint the trim around your door and repair any cracked or old weatherstrip or caulking to keep cold air out and improve the appearance.
  • Replace a damaged screen door for an instant upgrade and protection from the elements.
  • Is your doormat still doing its job of welcoming guests? If not, it’s time to replace it! Choose one that complements your home’s design and your personality.
  • Lighting will make a big difference at night for safety and ambience. Switching your old fixtures for attractive new ones and long-lasting energy-saving LED bulbs will create a welcoming atmosphere.
  • A new mailbox and original house number design will complete your home’s appeal.

Aim for a Welcoming Entryway

If your hall has become the ‘dumping ground’ for everyone’s belongings, it’s time to create an attractive storage solution.

First, declutter and remove any unnecessary items from your hallway. Then clean out the hall closet, or think of ways to create space for a clutter-free entry hall:

  • Attractive wicker baskets on a shelf under a table
  • Bench with a storage compartment
  • Armoire with coat hooks and shelves
  • Hooks on the wall to hang coats and backpacks

Tips to Declutter Hall Closets

  • Remove any out-of-season items and store them elsewhere until you need them to free up space for guests’ coats.
  • Use bins for each type of item, e.g., for hats, bags, umbrellas, etc.
  • Put shoes on a shoe rack or mats.
  • Install a closet organizer kit with various shelving, drawer, and rod configurations to fit your closet.

Fix up Your Floors

  • Hardwood flooring is the top choice for adding value to your home, but it’s also one of the higher-priced flooring materials to purchase and have installed.
  • If you are lucky enough to discover a hardwood floor beneath your carpeting, it’s worth removing the carpet and refinishing the hardwood floor. Repair scratches with wood markers and fill dents with putty. Apply stain and polish floors or seal to restore the original finish.
  • You can also have your floors refinished professionally, but you will need to move all your furniture out of the rooms and leave your home for a few days due to the fumes. This job is a great one to do before you move into a new house.
  • Another flooring idea that will transform your room is to install self-adhesive vinyl tiles. Easy to install, they provide good value, look like genuine wood, stone, or metal, and are available in a range of colours.
  • If you have ceramic tiles, repair cracks and clean the grout.

Consider Lighting, Fixtures and Hardware


  • Save money, improve your lighting, and reduce energy bills with highly efficient and longer-lasting LED bulbs and new fixtures.
  • Switch to LED bulbs for substantial energy savings. You can find ENERGY STAR-certified LED bulbs for every type of light fixture inside and outside your home, from soft white to bright daylight.
  • Repair or replace any damaged or dated light fixtures and lampshades for an quick upgrade to your rooms.
  • A practical idea is to install self-adhesive LED lighting strips under kitchen cabinets to light up your countertop.
  • Dimmer switches are necessary in today’s homes to balance the light level and save energy.
  • Replace dated or worn light switches and outlet covers to spruce up your rooms.
  • New hardware is a fun way to give your kitchen cabinets an exciting new look. Choose from a broad selection of knobs and pull designs for a special touch in your kitchen.

When it comes to improving your home, it’s often the little details that can make a big difference. Our team at Pat Noble Lumber looks forward to helping you!

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