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The Art of Curb Appeal Part One: The Front Porch

The Art of Curb Appeal
Part One: The Front Porch

It’s the entryway to your home, a place to relax with a cup of coffee, and one of the most visible parts of your property. Your front porch is an important part of your home for its usefulness, but also for its aesthetics. So what can you do to your front porch to boost its curb appeal? Pat Noble Lumber some helpful ideas for you to try out.

Light It Up

Well-placed lights can change the look of any space. This is especially true when it comes to outdoor spaces like your porch. Adding the proper kind of lighting can make it more attractive and useful.

When it comes to front porch lighting, less is more. The lights will only be on at night, and you don't want bright lights washing out the features of your porch or disturbing your relaxing time.

Instead of bathing an entire area with light, highlight features of your porch by placing lights to shine on those focal spots. Wall sconces placed on either side of your front door will create a symmetrical framing effect around your door. If you'd rather have a light above your head, pick a style that goes well with your porch.

If your home is newer, opt for a sleek modern light. If your front porch has an older feel to it, think about repurposing an old chandelier and placing it above the door. An important aspect of curb appeal is including items that fit in naturally with your existing space.

Accessorize the Space

Your mailbox gets a lot of use – is it looking tired and worn? Your house numbers are useful for deliveries and friends, but have you looked at them recently?

Your mailbox and house numbers are two items that you can coordinate with each other to boost your home's curb appeal. Place them on either side of your door frame where they can balance each other, highlighted by wall sconces above them. If a rustic look fits in with your porch, mount your house numbers on a weathered piece of wood. Then match the style and material of the numbers with the mailbox.

Your front porch should provide a transition area from the street to inside your home. Don’t shy away from adding other elements to your front porch that will showcase your personal style and help add functionality to the space. Taking size into consideration, add a comfortable seating area, tables, a welcome sign or mat, or outdoor decor such as lanterns or metal wall art.

Add a Touch of Nature with Planters and Flower Boxes

Flowers add beauty and colour to every area they occupy, so it's no surprise that they have a strong impact on your home's curb appeal. Because of this, plants on your front porch need extra care and attention so they don't become overgrown and messy, negatively impacting curb appeal.

Planters and flower boxes come in many different styles and colours so knowing which will fit your front porch is important. If you have an older home, wooden planters can complement the rustic style. Modern black planters provide a great contrast for a porch or house that is painted white. If you have stainless steel house numbers and mailbox, matching stainless steel plant holders will provide another complement to that decor.

Almost as important as what your planters look like, is what's inside them. Do some research and find plants meant to grow in pots. Know how and when to prune them, and how much water and sun they need. Be ready to replace plants if they do not survive. Bright colours draw the human eye, so to provide the curb appeal you want means that well-maintained plants are essential.

Railing Makeover

The railing around your front porch gets a lot of use over the years. Over time, the paint loses its initial sparkle and begins to look a bit drab. Keeping your railings sturdy and safe isn't only good for your safety and protection, it can provide great curb appeal.

There are many options to choose from when it comes to railings. Painted black metal railings provide a modern contrast to white support posts. Bright white railings are a classic, clean look that perfectly matches a white picket fence. Also, think outside of the straight-up-and-down balusters. Curved and angled options can give your front porch a unique alternative look. Or maybe your existing wood railings just need some love. Bring the natural beauty back to life by sanding, restaining, and sealing your wood front porch. Be sure to replace worn or damaged boards, posts, or spindles.

With a few small changes to start, you can enhance the look of your front porch and turn it into an amazing place to hang out and look at.

If you have any questions or need more information, feel free to visit Pat Noble Lumber for assistance. We would be happy to help you in any way we can.

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