Gone are the days of standing around a solitary grill, and running back and forth to the house to get things. With an outdoor kitchen, you have everything at your fingertips; hot and cold items are within arm’s reach. Installing an outdoor kitchen is a great way to get the most out of your backyard and increase your home's value.

Outdoor kitchens can range from simple to complex. At Pat Noble Lumber, we can help you assemble your dream outdoor kitchen.


Pat Noble Lumber and Napoleon Grills make it easy to build an outdoor kitchen!



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5 Reasons to Build an Outdoor Kitchen

Outdoor living is IN! Having a functional outdoor kitchen space not only allows for more time outside but has many other benefits including adding value to your home. Here's why you should add an outdoor kitchen to your outdoor space: 

  1. A perfect spot for entertaining guests and creating new memories
  2. Expands your living space giving you more time outside
  3. Lowers your energy bills and increases the value of your home
  4. Makes cooking easier
  5. Saves money by not eating at restaurants

If you're ready for an outdoor kitchen, Pat Noble Lumber can help you with every step!
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