Sun-Mar Composting Toilet systems for every situation

We carry a full line of Sun-Mar Composting Toilets, a world leader in composting toilet technology. An economical and eco-friendly waterless alternative, these toilets can save you costly septic installations for cottages and cabins, RVs, boats, farms, homes, warehouses, pool cabanas, and more.

Protect the environment and visit us and shop our line of composting toilets.

Types of Toilets

The Self-Contained Toilet by Sun-Mar

The Self-Contained Toilet

With a wide range of capacities this toilet can be installed anywhere you need it, making it the standard toilet for those living off the grid. Both electrical and non-electrical models available with medium to high capacity. 

The Urine Diverting Toilet by Sun-Mar

The Urine Diverting Toilet

This solution was designed as a stylish, effective addition for RV and mobile applications. 

The Central Series Toilet by Sun-Mar

The Central Series Toilet

A composting system with a conventional toilet appearance! This solution can be used with ultra low-flush toilets or waterless toilets (purchased separately). Connect up to three toilets with the composter, which could be either electric or non-electric.