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Rockwool Comfortbatt

ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt®

Comfortbatt® is a stone wool insulation product for use in wood and steel framing in both new residential and commercial builds and renovations. This semi-rigid batt has a unique flexible edge designed to compress as the batt is inserted into walls, attics, ceilings, and floor frames. We have ROCKWOOL Comfortbatt® in stock, request an estimate today.

JM Fibreglass Insulation

JM Fibreglass Insulation

Johns Manville’s residential insulation products help maintain energy efficiency and lower heating and cooling costs, making homes more comfortable year-round. Johns Manville is committed to providing the high-quality products, resources, guidance, and on-demand support you need on the job. We have JM Fibreglass Insulation in stock, request an estimate today.


Blow-In Fibreglass Insulation

Adding insulation to your home's attic can significantly enhance its comfort and energy efficiency. AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation is specially formulated for attic insulation in both new and existing homes. Browse the AttiCat Expanding Blown-In Insulation brochure for more information. We have Blow-In Fibreglass Insulation in stock, request an estimate today.