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$200,861* - SALE PRICE!!!

1820 sq ft

* Plus Roofing, Foundation More info

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MARSHALL Premium has 70mm x 130mm  (2-3/4″ x 5-1/8″) wall logs.  The total footprint of this model is 26′ x 48′  (1248 sq’) on the main floor which includes the covered deck, plus 26′ x 22′ (572 sq’) on the upper level. This model features stairs with landings, and the upper level has an additional 4′ covered balcony.  The vaulted ceilings throughout provide a spacious open design.

Assembly: This model can be assembled in 20 days or less with 3 people.

Building Codes:  Passes structural codes in USA and Canada. No additional charges if upgrades are needed for earthquake, heavy snow load regions or hurricane zones

Tip: House wraps & vapor barriers are required when insulating. Vapor barriers are installed on the warm side of walls, IE: interior of the studs for cold climates, exterior of studs for hot climates

Structural Engineering: Kit includes in-house structural engineering, some regions may require a local engineer to stamp drawings

Tinytown Bunkie Kits include everything you need.

If you can put building blocks together and read instructions, you can likely build it. 

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