Classic Model


105 sq ft

* Plus Roofing, Foundation More info

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The Colwood Bunkie has a single wide wood door with laminated styles & rails and is optional with 1/2 glass or full length glass, plus 2 tall venting windows on the front wall.  The door has a mortised lock, deadbolt & keys.  There are single wide venting windows on each side wall and a small venting window in the loft.  This lofted model includes the loft floor and ladder.  Improve the comfort by adding insulation to the roof prior to applying the finished roofing of your choice and add insulation in the floor and you will have a comfortable guest cabin. This model is ideal for yard or cottage property.

Tinytown Bunkie Kits include everything you need.

If you can put building blocks together and read instructions, you can likely build it. 

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